About Us

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium (MW!NC) is a network of resources, providing free services to improve the region’s workforce. We partner with businesses to develop recruiting and retention strategies, and with job seekers to enhance their education, help find employment and expand career opportunities. We have seven offices serving Alpena, Alcona, Cheboygan, Crawford, Montmorency, Oscoda, Otsego and Presque Isle counties.

We don’t expect our customers to know what programs are available to them. The job hunt can be confusing, but at a MW! office you can meet with staff and receive guidance as to what programs and training are appropriate to meet your needs. Stop by one of our seven area offices to check out our job boards, get resume help, receive interview training and more!

We partner with job seekers to enhance education and career opportunities. We offer services such as: resume assistance, interview coaching, job search guidance, career counseling, career fairs and events, financial aid options for in-demand jobs, networking opportunities, access to the Pure Michigan Talent Connect Job Bank, potential classroom training, on-the-job training programs, information on child care, homeless services and more!

We partner with businesses to develop recruiting and retention strategies. We offer services such as: qualified applicant referrals, employee recruitment, career fair hosting, interview space by appointment, on-the-job training providing valuable wage reimbursement, assistance with job postings, current labor market info, up-to-date info on state and federal employment programs, government contracting assistance, and one single point of contact for all business services. Contact one of our Business Services Professionals to learn more.

Our mission is to enhance the productivity of people and business by providing a demand-driven, world-class workforce.

One-Stop Model
We understand that it can be difficult to understand how various federal and state employment assistance programs work. The system can be hard to navigate. To help our customers through the confusion of qualifications, timelines, etc., Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium aims to strengthen the system by simplifying for our customers a very complex network of resources. We don’t expect our customers to self-diagnose what programs they may need or qualify for, instead we offer a welcoming environment where they can visit a service center, speak with staff and be directed to the appropriate resource for their needs.


Workforce Investment Act (WIA) – WIA Programs are designed to assist adults and dislocated workers through providing information, support, and resources that enable individuals to make a successful adjustment and quick transition for entry or reentry into the workforce. Services may include job search assistance through training, depending on need and funding availability.

Welfare Reform Programs – Welfare Reform programs assist adult benefit recipients (e.g. TANF, food assistance, child care, Medicaid) transition to self-sufficiency through employment in jobs that provide opportunities for continued learning and career development.

Employment Service – Access to labor exchange utilizing the Pure Michigan Talent Connect, available to both job seekers and employers. Mediated services are available and may include resume assistance skills and interest assessment, labor market information, education and training information.

Rehabilitation Services – Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) assists job seekers who have physical or cognitive impairments that may interfere with the adjustment to a work situation. Services may include financial aid for college and vocational training, job coaching, and other appropriate support to achieve stable employment.

Veterans Services – Available for eligible veterans, including job placement activities, coordination with Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Programs, referral to appropriate programs, and vocational guidance/counseling.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) – Trade Adjustment Assistance and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) help affected workers who have lost their jobs as a result of increased imports or shifts in production out of the United States. The goal of TAA is to help eligible workers re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible. Certified workers who are eligible may receive a full range of services which can include: re-employment services, employment counseling, resume writing and interview skills workshops, career assessment, job development, job search and referrals, job search and relocation allowances, training funds, access to income support, eligibility for Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) and the option of Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance.

Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence – The center provides information on how to start, market and grow a business. Interested persons can obtain this information or make an appointment to see a Small Business Technical Development Center (SBTDC) counselor for these and additional business related services.


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