Training & Transition for a New Dawn

dawn-copnehaver-photoAfter her husband retired from the military due to disability, Dawn Copenhaver and family relocated to the Gaylord area. To help support her family, Dawn came to Michigan Works! for assistance to finish school.

Michigan Works! Talent Specialist, Shelly Blankenship, and Case Manager/Trainer, Jenna Willobee, helped enroll Dawn in the Class Room Training program, which helped Dawn pay for her books and class fees, as well as mileage reimbursement and tires for her vehicle to get her to/from school. In addition, Michigan Works! was able to provide Dawn with a new laptop to use in her training. Continue reading

On the Road to Independence

img_20170216_1317461After relocating to Atlanta, MI a few months ago, two-parent family Jessica Dell and Thomas Rushlow quickly learned that job searching in a rural area with no transportation was extremely difficult. Being without a vehicle was a huge barrier to them finding employment, so they turned to Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium for assistance. Continue reading

Straits Area Services Advances Employee’s CRM Skills Thanks To STTF Award

Straits Area Services (SAS) is a private, nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities achieve their highest level of independence through life skills training and comprehensive opportunities. Since 1976, Straits Area Services has been providing community integration services, supporting employment, and more to people throughout Cheboygan County.

To effectively help their clients, Straits Area Services’ staff must stay abreast of new available technology, especially in regards to computerized records management. Working with Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium, Straits Area Services was able to secure over $22,000 in Skilled Trades Training Funds for 2016. Thirteen existing employees and seven new hires benefitted from Computerized Case Management and Lean Transition Management training, provided by North Central Michigan College. This training will help SAS staff operate more effectively by using available technology and help streamline their processes during transition periods.  Continue reading

LINK Uses STTF Grant To Increase Worker Skillsets, Promote Growth

LINK Industries in Indian River, MI has been a cutting tool manufacturer in Cheboygan County for 63-years. Since 2015, Link has invested over $70,000 in facility and technology upgrades and created high-skilled jobs. In addition, they’ve committed to investing an additional $450,000 in facility upgrades and equipment. In 2016, with assistance from Michigan Works, LINK secured over $13k in Skilled Trades Training Fund awards to upgrade the skills of their employees. The planned training will enable Link’s existing and new workers to maximize use of the recently purchased equipment, to grow their customer base, and expand the company. Last year, Link began an ambitious investment and training program.  This year, they continue their progress towards their goal of doubling their business and workforce in 3-5 years and creating more high-skill jobs in our region.  Continue reading

Local Contractor Benefits from 2016 State Skilled Trades Training Fund Award

pic-36For nearly 30 years, Doyle Roofing has been a critical part of Cheboygan, MI’s construction industry. Doyle provides specialized industrial roofing services that are not available through other contractors and Doyle’s commercial and governmental customers require the use of specialized materials and processes. To maintain their standards of quality and respond to customer demand, Doyle employees continuously need training on new equipment and processes.

In 2016, Doyle Roofing worked with Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium to receive over $12,000 in Skilled Trade Training Funds (STTF), which they used to train nine of their existing staff and hire/train one new employee. Thanks to the STTF award, Doyle can increase their production rates and bid on more contracts. Continue reading

Displaced Worker Finds New Job Thanks to Michigan Works and TAA Program

erich-christmanWhen Derwich Industries, Inc. in Gaylord closed in 2014, Erich Christman found himself unemployed. Through Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium, Erich heard about the Trade Adjustment Assistance (Petition # 85864), so he came in to the Gaylord service center to work with MW! Case Manager, Jenna Willobee.

With Jenna’s help, Erich received TAA waivers and job search allowance. Erich has since moved to Auburn, AL and is now employed in manufacturing with ToolCare US International LLC. Continue reading

“Keep Trying!” – Key to Success With Michigan Works!

tim-holiday3In 2014, after seven years working for a Boyne City manufacturing plant, Tim Holliday’s job was eliminate by the company. Shortly after his layoff, he began searching for a new job with help from the Gaylord Michigan Works staff. After months of trying and no luck, Tim moved downstate to Jackson and tried to find employment through the local Michigan Works office there. While Tim had applied for numerous job, he wasn’t getting callbacks or interviews, but he was determined to not give up. Continue reading

JMG Program Helps Youth Receive GED and Pursue CNA Certification

faith-picWhen Faith Million entered into the Onaway JMG Program (Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates), she was in an online high school program. She was progressing, but slowly. She was also facing a few other hurdles; she was considered homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act, as she had not lived with her family for a few years, and she had recently lost her job.

Faith first set goals on what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to go into nursing. She decided the best plan was to first get a Certified Nurse Assistant certificate. With the JMG Program, she found a place where she could work and train to get her CNA. She interviewed for the position and was selected. But before she could start, she had to have her GED. Faith had a window of two weeks between when she turned 18 and when the position started. She spent the prior month studying hard for her GED exams and then, over Christmas break, she took all four tests and passed them all. Continue reading

“Never Give Up” is Easier With Support from Michigan Works

susan-dunnIn 2016, Susan Dunn relocated to Grayling, MI from Texas. Once here, she had no means of transportation, and was staying with a friend while looking for a job and housing. Susan also hadn’t worked in quite a while, so getting back into the workforce was a bit scary, and she was concerned she lacked the skills employers were looking for. Without a home computer, Susan had no way to brush up on her computer skills or job search online, so in July 2016, she began coming to Michigan Works and working with Talent Specialist, Crystal Filley. Continue reading