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Rogers City High Thanks Governor

It was extremely helpful to me to have someone to critique my resume and offer suggestions after being out of the workforce for so long. I really appreciate all of the help received through the Michigan Works Office.

Laura Cramer

I’m so appreciative of Michigan Works! They’ve been so helpful. I’ve never received an e-mail, much less even a phone call from other organizations. It truly feels like Michigan Works! genuinely cares!

Robert Gelinski

Thank you for everything you have done for me! I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

Tommey-Jack Limbaugh – received Associate’s Degree in Corrections with the help of MW!

As an employer, I’m very happy with the quality and skillset of the people I’ve been interviewing via Michigan Works!

T.J. at Alpine Propane

My experience with Michelle and Michigan Works! has been fantastic. Even with being 7 months pregnant and having many other barriers, we were able to work together and overcome them. I found full time employment within a few weeks!

Sara Cramton

[With Michigan Works!’ help] I once again got into places that I have never been and got warm receptions thanks to your history with that employer. Now I’m busy getting customers together to apply for some jobs!

Nancy Smithem, Michigan Rehabilitation Services

I cannot express how important and how much of a blessing your assistance has been. It’s so wonderful to be able to attend and plan for classes without worrying about how/if I’ll be able to afford it!

Gabby Tester

The Michigan Works! staff has shown utmost professionalism and has been very responsive to our needs. The On the Job Training program has allowed us to greatly enhance the skills of our employees and helped us to go above and beyond what we could have been able to do without that support.

James Spens

Michigan Works! and the On-the-Job Training program have provided me with tools and knowledge that has contributed to my success at the APER Biorefinery.

Bradey Smith